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Air Ducts Cleaning

Cleaning services for air ducts for homes and businesses.

It's a fact that North Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Clean air is essential to good health and California Steam Clean can reduce allergy and respiratory problems just by cleaning the ducts in your home. Air pollutants such as dirt, dust mites, mold spores and fungi can all live and thrive in your heating and air conditioning ducts. Our Duct cleaning professionals can come to your home to make your living environment safer and healthier for the whole family.


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This service includes:

- Vacuum the furnace, ductwork and return grills
- Air wash and vacuum vents
- Sanitize and disinfect ducts (optional)
- Replace clogged and dust filled filters
- Ultraviolet Air Purifiers (optional)
- Chemically clean a/c coils and coat with an anti microbial solution (optional)
- The furnace is part of the ductwork. Who better than Certified techs to handle this very important part of your system.
- Your furnace will be checked for signs of a cracked heat exchange or unsafe combustion with an Electronic Combustion Analyzer.
- When were done you'll have "Peace of Mind!" and Breathe easier!