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Carpets have been around for over 200 years, and have continued serving a valuable purpose; to look and feel comfortable. However, it has always been important to maintain and clean carpets, not only for looks, but for various health reasons. Carpet cleaning is best completed with diligence, and high quality machinery to ensure the longevity of the carpet's life.


California Steam Clean is a top quality Carpet Cleaning Service Company, located in Santa Rosa, California. They have been professionally cleaning carpets for nearly 10 years.


Carpet Cleaning may seem simple depending on how dirty it looks; however, by the time the wine is spilled on the carpet, a carpet may be well overdue for a cleaning.


Here are 5 top reasons Carpet Cleaning is necessary.


1. A Clean Carpet is a Healthy Carpet

Carpets are meant for walking on, but are often crawled on, laid on, and even slept on. Cleaning your carpet can prevent allergies, and sickness from sticking around.

2. Carpets are absorbent.

Carpets keep your house insulated, unlike cold tile and wood flooring. Carpet also acts as an indoor filter. Carpet traps soils, gases, hairs, dander, food particles, and a variety of other invasive little bits.

3. Routine Carpet Cleaning will make your carpets last longer.

The average price for carpet is around $24 a yard. Cleaning your carpets is much more cost efficient and less time consuming then replacing all of your carpet.

4. Clean Carpets are better for the eyes.

Appearance is the number one reason why people get their carpets cleaned. This is no surprise, since carpets are the probably the main aspect of your house. Carpets are often a light shade of color, so when they get dirty, it is often very visible.

5. Carpets stains can become permanent.

Some spots and spills can damage your carpet, not just get it dirty. These drawn out stains can become permanent if your carpets are not cleaned as soon as possible.


California Steam Clean will drive to your home whether you live locally in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Windsor, or within 50 miles of Santa Rosa.


As a family owned Carpet Cleaning Company, California Steam Clean is dedicated to their customers. If you live near Santa Rosa, or in the Sonoma County or Bay Area, Professional Carpet Cleaning is right around the corner.


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