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What To Do If Spots Do Come Back After You’ve Had Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned





First, call the company that cleaned your carpets as soon as you notice the re-appearing spot. Most companies will come right back to offer a courtesy clean. 

Up to 5 steps is all it takes for the technician to minimize the spot

-The spot will be treated with the appropriate cleaning agent

-The water pressure will be turned way down. It’s very important not to over wet the carpet

-A fiber rinse will be used to remove the cleaning agent so no residue is left behind

-A high speed air mover will be placed at the spot to dry the area as quick as possible

-An anti-wicking agent and sub-floor extractor (water claw) can be used when needed at the discretion of the technician

These steps are very important and ones that any experienced carpet cleaner will take to minimize wicking (re-appearing spots). These steps will make all the sense in the world to you if you understand what wicking is.

To illustrate wicking, think of a candle wick being placed in a glass of Sonoma County Zinfandel. You’d be able to watch the wine transfer up the wick. The same is true with carpet fibers and spots deep down in the fibers, backing and padding when activated by moisture. The moisture travels up the fibers. 

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