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What To Do If Spots Do Come Back After You’ve Had Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

        First, call the company that cleaned your carpets as soon as you notice the re-appearing spot. Most companies will come right back to offer a courtesy clean.  Up to 5 steps is all it takes for the technician to minimize the spot -The spot will be treated with the appropriate cleaning agent -The water pressure will be turned way down. It’s very important not to over wet the carpet -A fiber rinse will be used to remove the cleaning agent so no residue is lef...

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Why Do Spots Come Back After I Have My Carpets Cleaned

There are just two reasons why spots come back after your carpets have been professionally cleaned. 1. The spot or area had such heavy buildup and or was never picked up properly when the spill originally occurred that a second cleaning is needed. This occurrence is called wicking. Wicking is the process where the soil that is in the carpet backing or even padding works its way to the surface in the drying process after the carpet has been cleaned. There is treatment available for wicking but cleaning the carpet is first recommended to find out what areas need more attention. ...

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Water extraction

We also offer 24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Repair And Restoration. Water damage repair and restoration requires immediate attention, Minutes Count and Details Matter. When water intrudes California Steam Clean is the one for the job. Water damage can be devastating, and drying of carpet and floors from water should be done as soon as possible by experienced certified professionals. Our emergency technician teams are standing by 24/7 and will be dispatched immediately. They will start performing the work as soon as they get your approval. ...

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