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Our 12 Step Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

"Our 12 step tile and grout cleaning process restore back your tile to look like it's new again. Our cleaning agents and specialty tools, high pressure hot water extraction and special techniques bring the dirtiest of tile floors back to life."


tile cleaner in santa rosa

1. Pre inspection
We inspect the tile for areas of concern, deep stains, crack or weak areas. We identify the type of tile it is to determine the solutions, agitation tools and methods to be used.


2. Prep area to be cleaned
All appliances, cabinets, carpet, and other nearby flooring are covered with plastic and tape to protect from the cleaning agents to be used on the tile.


3. Pre vacuum
Dry soil is vacuumed prior to pre spraying to remove any loose soil.


4. Alkaline pre spray solution
This step loosen up any greasy soils and breaks down spills that may be on the tile or grout.


5. Agitate tile and grout
A rotary brush or a grout brush are used to break loose any stubborn spots or heavily soiled grout areas.


6. Rinse and extract
High pressure hot water is used to rinse the soiled area.


7. Acid pre spray solution
An acid based cleaning solution is used to edge the concrete grout.


8. Agitate
Agitating the grout helps remove the top concrete film layer of the grout exposing a new brighter grout line underneath.


9. Rinse and extract
High hot water pressure is used to extract soil and the edged grout exposing a new one.


10. Post cleaning Inspection
Inspection after the first cleaning is needed to assure desirable results. Steps 4-9 are repeated as necessary.


11. High speed air dry
Air movers are used to get the tile completely dry before applying sealer. Evaporation won't allow the sealer to adhere as well as when the tile is completely dry.


12. Sealing of Tile & grout
A specific sealer either water or oil based is applied until desirable protection is achieved. This depends on the level of absorbency of the tile or stone. The more absorbent it is the more coats of sealer we apply.


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