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California Steam Clean prides itself on being the best at odor removal. We can get rid of odors the other companies wouldn't know how to deal with. The problem with pet odor is that it can be much deeper than it first appears. Pet urine can easily soak through the backing of the carpet into the padding underneath. In more severe cases the urine can penetrate into the sub - floor beneath the padding. This creates a problem that is multi - layered.


The urine also provides for the growth of bacteria. This, in turn, contributes to a worsening of the odor problem and can contribute to permanent color loss of the carpet fiber. To eliminate this problem the urine must be removed or neutralized from each of the layers effected. If the contamination is light and limited to only the face yarn of the carpet then the cleaning with a topical deodorizer may effectively remove the odor.


In the most severe cases, replacement of the carpet padding, treatment of the under - side of the carpet and the sub - floor may be required. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians can help you asses the contamination and help you make the most cost effective and best way of removing that odor. Sometimes it is best to just replace the carpet. Even though we have been very successful in removal of odors, we cannot guarantee complete removal of the odor.


Left untreated over a period of time pet odor can become absorbed into many of the porous materials in your home. Draperies, sheet rock, upholstered furniture, base - boards, even the concrete foundation are just a few of the materials that can absorb these odors."


About Permanent Staining
"Urine can cause a permanent stain. No one can guarantee removal of the stain. We will apply our advance stain removal techniques. If it can be removed, we will get it out.


About Pet Hair
Pet hair can get deeply imbedded in your carpet fibers as well as your upholstery. When you walk around your home or someone opens the door it can go airborne and end up behind appliances or on furniture. A thorough vacuuming with our hepa filter vacuum will be done along with brushing to remove as much pet hair as possible however, We cannot guarantee 100% complete removal of all the pet hair.


About Dormant Odors
With urine contamination hidden odors that are in the pad, carpet backing, and/or subfloor can be activated with the cleaning. Sometimes you will smell dormant odors during humid rainy weather or really hot weather. If present during the cleaning, dormant odors will usually improve or go dormant again after the carpet dries. We are not responsible for dormant odors. We do not guarantee complete odor removal.

Odor removal phase 1 and 2 treatments


When the contamination is mild or mostly on the surface fiber. In this case a pet treatment is all your carpet needs. Odor removal is not guaranteed but we have had a lot of success with this treatment in mild odor cases.


Phase 1


Our 4 Step Pet treatment Process (this is in addition to our standard 12 step carpet cleaning process)


1) High Power Hepa Vacuum:
Removes dry soil, pet hair, pet dander, and allergens that are imbedded in the fibers.


2) Enzyme Pre Spray (no enzymes for wool or natural fibers):
Breaks down the proteins in the urine, as well as oxidize the stain and deodorize the carpet.


3) Carpet Brushing:
To remove more hair and further break down the pet soil.


4) Extract and Neutralize:
Thoroughly rinsing of the carpet with our hot water extraction process assures we take everything we put in the carpet back out with us. This step also neutralizes the fiber leaving no sticky residues behind.

When there is severe contamination. It is multi level which means it is in the backing of the carpet, padding, and subfloor.


Phase 2


Our 8 Step Enzyme Bath Odor Removal Process (this is in addition to our 12 step carpet cleaning process)


1) Carpet is pulled back and padding, and tackles strips contaminated are removed.
To completely remove the odor you have to treat it at its deepest level of contamination or the source.


2) Clean and seal subfloor:
Subfloor is cleaned to remove excess contamination that has accumulated. Subfloor is then cleaned and sealed with an oil base primer to remove the odor and cover stain.


3) Area is prepped:
2 mil plastic sheeting is used to protect the walls and other areas around.


4) Treat carpet and backing:
The contaminated carpet is then submerged and let dwell for 1-4 hours in an enzyme odor and stain fighting solution.


5) Rinse:
The area is rinse and the front and back of carpet thoroughly cleaned and flushed.


6) Drying:
High speed air movers are then placed for the carpet and backing to dry.


7) Replace Underlayment:
New padding and tackless strips are then installed.


8) Re-install:
The carpet is re-stretched and tucked back in place making it like we were never there.


If the carpet cannot be pulled back, this can be done.


odor removal for carpet

OSR/Claw Treatment Procedure
Use OSR (this is a specialty treatment and at an extra cost)


Ozone Treatment
Removing odors from walls, cabinets, & other porous materials

Ozone, which can be produced with an ozone generator, is recommended in situations where the odor has penetrated the walls and cabinets as well as any other porous surfaces. Ozone works to remove odors by oxidizing the odor causing bacteria. Ozone is only done is empty homes where there is no one living in them as it can be harmful to living organisms.