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Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rugs and Delicate Rugs Cleaning Services

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Our 9 step In-Plant cleaning includes beating of the rug to remove imbedded dust, soil, pet dander, hair, and allergens. Front and back of the rugs are cleaned & Cotton fringes and delicate fibers are dried in a controlled environment to ensure no browning and reduce any chance of bleeding of any dyes. In-Plant cleaning ensures maximum cleaning results and we are able to use equipment that we don't have on site.


Our 9 Step Area Rug Cleaning Process

1. Inspection
Thorough inspection is performed to determine fiber type, construction style and soil conditions. The best cleaning method is determined.
2. Colorfastness test
a colorfastness test is performed to determine cleaning solution and dyes will not bleed during the cleaning process.
3. Dusting
Dusting of the rug is performed with our rug dusting equipment to remove imbedded soil, hair, pet dander, and allergens. You will be amazed at what comes out of your rug! This step helps get the soil out that will otherwise wick back up to the surface after cleaning.
4. Cleaning
Rug is either pre sprayed front and back, submerged for decontamination, or cleaned with one of our low moisture methods if needed.
5. Rinsing, wringing, and neutralizing
Deep cleaning, rinsing and neutralizing of the front and back of rug is performed. This step removes any and all cleaning solutions along with the soil that was broken loose in step 6. It also removes the excess water reducing any browning issues and drying the rug faster.

6. Advance stain treatments
After deep cleaning any stains that remain will be treated with our advance stain removal solutions and techniques.
7. Clean fringes
Fringes are untangled separated and thoroughly cleaned. Bleaching will be performed if needed.
8. Groom fibers
Natural fibers are then brush to cure and dry in the right direction to prevent fiber distortion.
9. Hang dry with high speed blowers
The rug is dried in a controlled drying environment to speed up dry time and eliminate possible problems due to moisture.

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