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Trying to keep your tile floors clean is time consuming and can be a frustrating experience. Grout lines are attracted to dirt and grime, and dirty grout distracts the attractiveness of clean tiles. California Steam Clean is a well-known carpet and tile cleaning service provider in Santa Rosa for their infamous 100% satisfaction guarantee. The majority of homes in Sonoma County are beautifully decorated with gorgeous tile flooring and carpet flooring throughout their homes.


santa rosa tile and grout cleaning

You can have our professional carpet and tile cleaning company come in and do a clean sweep of all the dirt and grime that is lurking in your flooring, whether it be tile or carpet. Tile Grout is a bit tricky to keep clean on your own because of its porous qualities. Often times when we sweep or mop, crumbs and dirt are left behind and are then absorbed by the grout; giving your tiles an unpleasant border of dirty grout.


The tile and grout cleaning process is anything, but short and simple. Our trained cleaning technicians will begin by inspecting your floor thoroughly to determine the best possible solutions and methods to be used to give your tile floors back their shine.


All furniture will be well protected before your tile cleaning begins. Once your home is ready to have the tiles cleaned, our staff will begin a number of cleaning steps to ensure we can get your tile cleaned and looking like new again! The tiles are always inspected to be sure we didn't miss a spot, and then we use our high tech air movers to get the tile completely dry before we apply the sealer. Depending on the absorbency level of your tiles we will apply the necessary amount of sealer coats.


Our trained staff can come to your home and begin whenever you're ready to no longer be frustrated with attempting to clean your tile floors. California Steam Clean is a professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning company located in Santa Rosa, California. We offer tile and carpet cleaning in the surrounding neighborhoods such as Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Windsor, and anywhere within Sonoma County, and even Marin County!


Give us a call today to schedule your carpet and tile cleaning appointment at 707- 566-0315. We will greet and treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy.


"Thank you for the terrific tile floor cleaning and grout restoration. My floors look new again.
Your staff was professional, DILIGENT (beyond expectations) and very sweet! You've got our recommendation to whomever asks" - Vicki


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